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About LTQ


“Louder Than Quiet” is a Maryland based Metal/Post-Hardcore band/collective that is beginning to gain momentum and make some significant noise in the music world. Formed in the fall of 2010 by five Solo Artists, The band consists of Urico, Nic “Halluciniinja”, Airospace, Daniel Seay “Dirty Dan”, and Alireza. With amazing persistence and polished stage presence well beyond their age LTQ was able to create a consistent fan base in the Washington D.C. area, a city where bands are mostly known for traditional punk, Death Metal or GoGo.

Hungry for more recognition and a larger following the group started to expand their music empire. Airospace’s music began to spread across blogs and lead up to a performance at SxSw. Alireza was posted in the Source magazine and the band as a whole has been in Revolver magazine, Alternative press as well as others.

Collaborations with Jamie King for production, Jonny Craig for guest vocals, and Scott Hansen for filmwork also gave them the opportunity to open Afropunk fest in Brooklyn NY, opening for Anderson Paak and the free nationals, as well as other major acts like solange and sza. The groups extreme tenacity and musical prowess proves that this is just the begining of the LTQ reign.



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